6 minute abs!

Remember that scene in “Something About Mary” when Harland Williams is a hitchhiker and he’s trying to explain his new idea for “6-minute abs”?!  Too esoteric?  Well I only bring this up because last night at boot camp I held a 6 minute plank!  I was gonna drop around 5:30 but then I thought of that scene and was all “6 MINUTE ABS YOU CAN DO IT!” and I held on a bit more :)  Exciting stuff people.  I also made it this a.m. to another boot camp class cause its November’s 6 days in a row challenge and my foot is a little sore.  Like its healing and its tired sore……not injuring myself sore.  At least I hope.

Moving on!  Last night I tried to make this: (SOURCE)

I’m drooling thinking about making this for dinner again tonight!

That woman over at “How Sweet It Is” is a mad mad genius.  Mine did NOT look that pretty and I used a sweet Hawaiian roll instead of a biscuit, but holy crap it was good!  I highly suggest trying this if you still have leftovers!  Is it creepy we still have lots of leftovers?

Oh I saw the new Bond movie over the weekend!  I really really enjoyed it.  We ended up seeing it in IMAX accidentally (accidentally cause its like 10 bucks a ticket before noon instead of $5) but I’m glad we did cause it was pretty sweet.  I was a little concerned Daniel Craig might reach out and touch me we sat so close…….then I remembered that’s a good thing and wanted that to happen so I was fine with it.  Lets just say I wouldn’t kick em out of bed for eatin crisps……am I right ladies?

if all men could wear a suit so well……

Speaking of Brits…….I’m really into my book “The Casual Vacancy” by J. K. Rowling!  I’m hoping to finish it by this weekend, but I’ve got dinner plans tomorrow and Thursday night (which I’ll have to take pics of because the one is a multi course meal + wine pairing at a great Indian place!)  I don’t have any plans tonight since I’ve already gotten a workout in, so I think some book, couch and puppy time will have to do tonight!

Have an awesome Tuesday and let me know if you saw any good movies over the holiday weekend!!!

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