Happy Thursday!

Jk, but I thought it was Thursday this morning and the guys that sit by me are like “I can’t wait to sleep in tomorrow” and I was all “why aren’t you coming in” and then they looked at me like I was a moron and I realized and squeeled “OMGeee its Friday!!!”.  So fun when that happens.

So the Reds lost…..3 at home, in such a bummer fashion.  That’s all I’m gonna say about that (Forrest Gump style).

This weekend should be pretty fun!  Today I have my trainer as always at lunch, then I’m headed straight back to the studio to get my hair cut by my trainers girlfriend after work!  Keep your fingers crossed she knows what she’s doing! :)  I feel like I live there now.  I go to boot camp, my trainer, and now my haircuts.  If they start selling groceries I wouldn’t have to go anywhere else ever!

After that I’m gonna run home and shred the chicken that was cooking away all day in the crock pot and make a buffalo chicken salad for the husband and BIL while we watch the Mens National Soccer Team (why am I capitalizing that?) beat Antigua! Fingers crossed.  I’m also gonna try to make these this weekend!

Saturday: going to boot camp, then to yoga, then home to watch MSU and ND games, then hopefully relaxing all day!

Sunday: Hike with the husband and pups and then head to my brother’s place to carve pumpkins and watch the Browns vs. Bengals game.  I live in Cincinnati, but my whole family is from Cleveland.  I grew up in Baltimore, so when I was little I rooted for The Browns, and the Orioles.  Now after living here so long I root for the Reds, but still back the Brownies.  Its complicated.

I would love to see a movie this weekend at some point, but I’m okay if I don’t.  It’s supposed to warm up a bit, but we might get some rain, so I think it will all depend on that.  Maybe I should just stay in my room and dedicate some time to reading all the damn books I’ve been buyin!

Have an awesome weekend, this pictures made my morning (well even more so after I found out it was Friday!)

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4 thoughts on “Happy Thursday!

  1. SarJ says:

    The muffins look good… feel free to leave some on my porch if you happen to be driving past my street this weekend (:

    • typeaframepersonality says:

      Will do lady! There might be some pumpkin apple ones too, I just don’t know if I’ll have time or the patience yet for it :)

  2. Sounds like a great weekend – I hope it has played out like you planned. I hope to make butternut squash soup today, and I would like to bake, but Brody finished the eggs this morning and I am too lazy to leave the house today.
    Have a great Sunday!

    • typeaframepersonality says:

      I know how you feel! I said Friday “I am not going to the store this weekend I refuse” 3 trips later I got some cooking and baking done. Hope you had a nice one too!

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